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Write for us about Numerology

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We're always seeking fresh ideas and unique perspectives to enhance our website. As a result, we regularly feature guest authors who resonate with our core values and vision. If you're interested in contributing, we invite you to submit your work, keeping the following guidelines in mind:

Article Length

We've found that articles ranging from 1000 to 1500 words effectively engage readers. This length provides sufficient depth and detail to maintain the reader's interest without overwhelming them with excessive information.

Visual Elements

Images and graphs significantly improve an article's readability and engagement. Thus, we request that each submission includes at least three pertinent images, complete with captions and a source (if necessary) for proper attribution.

Writing Tone

Open and respectful dialogue is crucial for fostering a vibrant community. Our articles often initiate discussions and elicit various responses from readers; therefore, we ask authors to write with this in mind. We appreciate articles that stimulate thought-provoking conversations and foster meaningful interactions.

Opinion or Evidence-based Pieces

We welcome articles based on personal opinions or supported by evidence. However, it's vital that submissions clearly differentiate factual information from the author's viewpoint, ensuring that readers grasp the foundation of the presented arguments.

Submission Process

If you have an article idea or a draft to submit, please contact us through our contact form or directly via email. We'll evaluate your proposal and inform you if it aligns with our vision and values. Our editors reserve the right to determine a submission's suitability for publication.

Once your article is finalized, we'll arrange for it to be published on our website. While our goal is to preserve articles in their original form, we may make minor edits if needed. If we believe your submission requires more significant revisions, we'll collaborate with you to make the necessary improvements.

We're eager to hear from you and discover what you bring to the table!

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